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Mission Statement

The Counseling and Guidance Program's mission is to provide each student regardless of character, belief, or race the opportunity to develop their potential through the provisions of developmental assistance for all students and specialized assistance for students with unique needs. Students are to acquire competencies in the knowledge of self and others, and educational and career planning domains.

Guidance Curriculum

Guidance Curriculum includes structured experiences presented systematically through classroom and group activities for Kindergarten through 2nd grade.  The curriculum emphasizes decision making, self-understanding, career exploration and preparation, and the improvement of study skills. The Guidance Curriculum is delivered through such strategies as: Classroom Guidance Activities, Group Activities, and Interdisciplinary Development.


Examples of Guidance Learning Activities may include but are not restricted to the following:

Self Concept, Communication Skills, Peer Relationships, Bullying, Substance Abuse, Study Skills, Career Awareness, Anger Management, Friendships, Career Exploration, Respect for others, Following Rules, and School Pride.